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Pet Remedy reviews...

CLICK HERE for reviews on use of Pet Remedy in cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, reptiles, horses and other mammals.

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Pet Remedy is available from

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vet clinics and pet shops.

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Pet Remedy is available in New Zealand as the Pet Remedy Plug Diffuser + 40ml, Pet Remedy Diffuser Refills 2 x 40ml, Pet Remedy Spray 200ml, Pet Remedy Spray 15ml, Pet Remedy Calming Wipes 12pk, Pet Remedy Luxury Bandana Calming Kit, Pet Remedy New Home Calming Kit, Pet Remedy Small Mammal Calming and Bonding Kit. Additional Pet Remedy products will be available in New Zealand soon, including PetRemedy Travel On the Go Calming Kit, PetRemedy All In One Calming Kit, PetRemedy Battery Atomiser, PetRemedy Atomiser and Spray Refill 300ml, PetRemedy Boredom Buster Forager with Calming Spray, PetRemedy Boredom Buster Extra 3 Pockets, PetRemedy Foam Calming Shampoo. Pet Remedy Calming products are suitable for mammals and birds including dogs, cats, rabbits, rodents and horses.

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