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How to use Pet Remedy...

One great advantage of Pet Remedy, apart from being a natural option, is the unique way in which it works. It starts to help instantly and is very gentle as it distracts your pet from stress. The low concentration Valerian based formulation works with many species as it helps them feel less focused on stress and therefore happier and more relaxed.


Remember that Pet Remedy helps your pet when they may be feeling stressed, however there is still the matter of learnt (reactive) behaviour to deal with.  Often your pet will still react or behave for a while in the same way as when stressed or anxious even if they were feeling relaxed. For instance if the doorbell goes, a dog may still react by barking.


But once calm, your pet becomes more settled and more receptive to you, so you can then work on developing confidence and work on behaviour modification.


Pet Remedy is now used on a daily basis by vets, vet nurses, rescue centres, pet professionals (such as behaviourists, trainers, and groomers), and even zoos all over the world! 

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  Pet Remedy Plug Diffuser


  • Locate the plug diffuser in the room where your pet spends the most time.

  • Ambient and constant slow release makes Pet Remedy easy to use and all the more effective.

  • Suitable for all pets including cats, dogs, small mammals, birds & reptiles.

  • Starts to distract & relax immediately to help with separation anxiety, bonding, fireworks, new home, bereavement, new pet and many other stressful situations.

  • Lasts up to 60 days with Refills available.

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  Pet Remedy Sprays 200ml & 15ml


  • The Pet Remedy sprays are water based and pH neutral. 

  • Fast acting so are perfect for travelling and in the home.

  • Spray on pet bedding, bandana, or even a little on your fingers when handling anxious pets.

  • You only need a couple of sprays and this will last between 2 and 6 hours depending on the individual pet.

  • As a rule, do not spray directly onto pet. 

  • Avoid spraying in the proximity of small mammals and birds as they have a small lung capacity. It is best to spray a little on a cloth and then place the cloth near them.

  • When out walking or training an anxious dog, spray a little on a bandana or spray a little on a damp cloth or your fingers when handling your pet. The same applies for horses.

  • You can even spray a little on your trouser leg and bring the dog to heel to take in the Pet Remedy aroma.

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Pet Remedy contains natural ingredients including...




Sweet Basil




Clary Sage

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  Pet Remedy Individual Wipes

  • Use the eco-friendly wipe in the same way as you would with the Pet Remedy sprays by gentle rubbing on hands before handling of your pet (including horses!)

  • Keep a couple in your pocket or bag for handy, quick use at any time.

  • Can be used to wipe down surfaces such as an examination or grooming bench top.

  • You can tie the wipe to a cat basket or dog collar when travelling to the vet, or place on your pets bedding in your home or car.

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  Pet Remedy Luxury Bandana Kit

  • Unique shape Luxury Bandana gives a perfect fit for your pet.

  • Includes Pet Remedy Spray 15ml for up to 130 applications.

  • 2 sprays on the Bandana will last about 2-6 hours.

  • Great for walking, training, travelling & vet visits.

  • 4 Sizes available - XSml <5kg; Sml 5-10kg; Med 10-30kg; Lge >30kg ​

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  Pet Remedy New Home Combination Kit

  • All you need to settle a pet into a new home and help with bonding and training.

  • Includes the Pet Remedy Calming Diffuser, Calming Spray 15ml and 3 x Calming Wipe Sachets.

  • Helps all pets in your home but will have the greatest effect on the stressed pet.

  • Calming Diffuser lasts up to 60 days, with Refills available.

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  Pet Remedy Travel Kit

  • Contains just what you need to help calm your pet when traveling in the car, traveling to the vet, or going on holiday 

  • Includes the Pet Remedy Calming Spray 15ml and 5 x Calming Wipe Sachets.

  • Use the Spray on bedding in the car or tie the wipe to a cat basket or dog collar when travelling. 

  • Keep a Pet Remedy Travel Kit in your car so you always have a way to help keep your pet calm and relaxed wherever you are going. 

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Pet Remedy Small Mammal Calming & Bonding Kit

  • Great combination kit for calming and bonding small mammals like rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters & mice.

  • Includes larger Pet Relax Spray 75ml with 6 x Calming Wipes Sachets.

  • Spray on hands before handling pets, or spray in pet enclosure. Avoid spraying in close vicinity to small pets.

  • For bonding rabbits, spray a little on a damp cloth or fingers and gently rub around their muzzles. This helps with scent swapping as well as calming, which in turn helps speed up the bonding process. This same procedure can be used for bonding other pets such as guinea pigs, hamsters, rats and mice.

  • Calming wipes can be use to wipes around bedding or tied to cages or when travelling.

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  Pet Remedy Boredom Buster Foraging Kit

  • Fantastic New Product from Pet Remedy! The Boredom Buster Calming Kit is a multi-pocket forager with two different pocket sizes to allow longer and shorter foraging times. 

  • The Boredom Buster Kit comes with a Pet Remedy Calming Spray that can be sprayed on the forager to encourage calm behaviour after your pet has finished foraging

  • Hide your dog's favourite treats in the pockets to encourage their natural instinct to forage, eat and rest. 

  • The concentration needed to hunt for treats will be tiring for your dog leading to the need for rest or sleep after a period of stimulation and enrichment.

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Pet Remedy is available from

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vet clinics and pet shops.

Contact us:

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Pet Remedy is available in New Zealand as the Pet Remedy Plug Diffuser + 40ml, Pet Remedy Diffuser Refills 2 x 40ml, Pet Remedy Spray 200ml, Pet Remedy Spray 15ml, Pet Remedy Calming Wipes 12pk, Pet Remedy Luxury Bandana Calming Kit, Pet Remedy New Home Calming Kit, Pet Remedy Small Mammal Calming and Bonding Kit. Additional Pet Remedy products will be available in New Zealand soon, including PetRemedy Travel On the Go Calming Kit, PetRemedy All In One Calming Kit, PetRemedy Battery Atomiser, PetRemedy Atomiser and Spray Refill 300ml, PetRemedy Boredom Buster Forager with Calming Spray, PetRemedy Boredom Buster Extra 3 Pockets, PetRemedy Foam Calming Shampoo. Pet Remedy Calming products are suitable for mammals and birds including dogs, cats, rabbits, rodents and horses.

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